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At Wei Health & Fitness, I hear your story and work with you to accomplish your health and fitness related goals. I take all of my passion and knowledge in the field to provide a tailored solution to your problem.

In particular, I love providing relief and pain free movement to persistent issues.


A physical therapy focusing on muskuloskeletal issues. Your complaints will be thoroughly assessed and treated in a professional approach utilizing knowledge, passion and the appropriate tools and techniques. We hope to have you leaving with a smile.

Ideal for: postural issues, muscle aches, tension, injury, mobility



Osteopathy is another approach to healthcare. It is a science, philosophy and practice that believes in the body's holistic ability to heal. It's goal is to restore the body's balance and allow it to function optimally. 

Especially great for: migraines, headaches, concussions, lymph flow 

Fitness Plans


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Image by Joseph Gonzalez


What you put inside your body is just as important as what you do with it. From nutritional consulting to tailored meal plans, get your diet on your side in an enjoyable way. 

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